About Us

Bamboo & Co first started as an online store for bamboo eco friendly straws. It didn't take long before we understood that bamboo has alot more for us.

Bamboo is a the perfect answer for everyone who cares about the environment, replacing many plastics with great eco friendly products for your living room, bathroom and even textile! 

Why Bamboo is considered to be eco friendly?  

  • Bamboo is one of the fastest- growing plant in the world and can grow up to 1 meter in just one day.
  • Bamboo absorbs carbon dioxde and releases up to 35% more oxygen than trees.
  • Bamboo is grown organically without any chimicals 
  • Bamboo is the ultimate alternative for wood products, by replacing wood with bamboo we protect millions of trees around the world

Why we love Bamboo products?

  •  Super responsible to the environment
  • Naturl products that will last for years
  • High quality for Reasonable cost
  • It Will Always look cool :)

  If you have any quastions please contact us.